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Not currently in our membership options

Not currently in our membership options

People under 18 can come as a casual with adult supervision only and to be a member you must be 18 yrs or older
YES we offer great prices for local businesses so if you’re a small to medium business wanting to participate email on support@ironkingdomgym.com.au 
Current partnerships include: 

Unfortunately we can’t continue to suspend memberships when the government forces closures – so keep in mind payments will continue as normal, cancellation policies still apply as normal. If you are within your contract terms time you will need to pay $250 to exit the contract immediately. If you are outside the minimum contract term you will need to give 30 days notice. If you choose to exit your membership you will not be able to return on the pricing options you exited and will need to resign a new contact and agreement. 

You need to give 3 days notice to suspend your membership prior to your direct debit date. You can suspend for a maximum of 12 weeks total, but please this will extend you membership term time by the same period of time you suspend for. 
It’s $7 per week to suspend and must be paid in advance of the suspension. 

In order to cancel your membership, please email us on info@ironkingdomgym.com.au or call 03 9457 3746

Click onto member section and create online you need to use the email that you signed up with to link to your account. 

Yes we have some incredible personal trainers and coaches available. links can be found on our PT & Partners page. Prices vary see individual coaches for packages. 

We offer one of the most competitive Personal trainer rental agreements. Please send enquiries to work within our gym to: info@ironkingdomgym.com.au
For Enquiries to work as part of the reception team forward your resume and cover letter to:  info@ironkingdomgym.com.au

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